Wood-fired sourdough
pizzas, fresh pasta
and Italian classics

Il Falò celebrates the art of cooking with fire – with quality ingredients prepared skillfully and cooked to perfection over the open flame.



Il Falò celebrates the art of cooking with fire.


We take pride in the quality of ingredients we source from local partners and specialty purveyors.

Catering By Il Falo

Let us host your event – from corporate meetings and showstopper weddings to baby showers and birthday parties.

Il Falò is the Italian word for bonfire – a centerpiece for good company, delicious food and drink, and memorable experiences.

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il falò [Italian, noun]: a large fire in the open air, often built to celebrate something


Our wood-fired stone hearth oven adds a kiss of fire to artisan-quality meats, fresh seafood, vegetables sourced from our local partners, pizzas on house-made sourdough, and elements of our craft cocktails.

Our Partners

Experience the Art of Cooking with Fire